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Name:Henry Gothrykke
Birthdate:Oct 19
Location:United States of America
Website:A Tumblr of Information.
After 12 years of online fanfiction writing, I decided to become a professional author. My first story was self-published in February of this year. It wouldn't have been made possible if not for the encouragement of my friends and my dear editor, CR.

The past two years have been a crazy ride and things are starting to come together for me. I've returned to my family's ancestral home. I'm getting my driver's license. My writing has taken a healthier turn that's left me feeling, for the first time, I might make it as an author.

For experience, I've had over nineteen years of original writing under my belt, but nothing ever finished to the point of publishing until now. Instead, I focused more on my fanfiction. With over sixteen years of writing offline, and over eleven online, it seemed like a natural time to start my novel writing again. In the past, it has been more a hobby. This time, I'm trying something new, hopefully, better.

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My first novel, "List All Functions", is available on, Barnes&Noble,, Gumroad, and iTunes/iBooks.

All media posted to his journal, including writings, pictures, digital images, videos, etc., unless stated otherwise, are copyrighted to Heinrich Gothrykke, aka me. Do not repost or publish without written permission outside fairuse laws and doctrine. If you reference under the terms of parody, mention, recommendation, or fairuse, please let me know.

This will be updated in: _ Days.

I'm moving into the technological brainfart age:

Follow me on Tumblr And keep up-to-date on my brainless ramblings on twitter. Twitter, the user's intelligence level is in the name.

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